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i can't find the five leafs left in the second level :c does someone have this problem too?

 Could it be these ones?



bonjour, je ne reussis pas a attraper les trucs pour faire comme avec une liane, aidez moi s’il vous plait


the game is very cool wow keeep it up, zinger's mom-


Hi. I'm pretty sure I hold the world record for any%, my record is 5:22. I know a how to do a faster one but still couldn't perform a perfect run.

Here's a link: 

Btw I didn't use your speedrun update, maybe now I'll try some more.

4:40 is on the same channel


A fun platformer. I was kinda hoping to see what that special potion was but maybe in a future Kidd adventure. :) Happy New Year!

i just realized that the song of the level with the gusts of wind is the killigan´s treasure battle theme!!!!! :0

Huh, I'm not familiar with that game but the song is Achaidh Cheide by Kevin MacLeod. It's a royalty free song and it's quite the banger :D


Fun game with cool art and sounds! The mechanics feel polished so it was a joy to play. I would fully recommend giving this a download.


Amazing game dev :D 


This game is a lot of fun to play! Great adventure and nice pixel art!

Check my Video. This game is on my Top 5 of this Week!


Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :D

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brillant game


Pettry fun, btw it's a bit difficult to control it on keyboard haha, I hope it will be able to play on the controller 

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Wow you finished the game so quickly! I didn't expect anyone to 100% it so soon after launch.
I can look into adding controller support but I don't own any controllers to test with so it probably won't happen for a while, sorry.